NIARTFR3EDOM is a creative community organisation that coordinates a range of creative workshops within London’s inner city. We run an after school workshops, creative projects within schools and Family arts days in schools and community Centres/hubs. Creative workshops and projects involve drawing, painting, pottery, model making, textiles etc. We aim to explore a wide range of materials (pencils, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic paints, clay, recycled materials and many more. We also arrange trips to visit Galleries, museums and local creative businesses.

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NIARTFR3EDOM has formed partnerships with different organisations(The Engine Room and St Francis church Tottenham Hale, THIS, St Anns C of E Church & Primary School North London , Curwen Primary School in Newham East London and HIT) and have worked on projects with NHS Royal Free London and Newlon Fusion.

NIARTFR3EDOM works with all ages within the community but have spent the past 5 years focusing on the youth. We have been working with the children and families in social housing at Tottenham Hale on Hale Village and Ferry Lane estate, where our creative workshops have been very popular.

NIARTFR3EDOM workshops are designed to aid people of all ages in exploring their creativity, learning new skills, building confidence and a stronger community.A601F968-64D3-4784-8E59-39DFA1E89942

What’s New


INSPIRE – Arts & Wellbeing for women

We are pleased to announce that our Arts & Wellbeing sessions are returning on Tuesday 28th June 2022 to be delivered at The Engine Room 11am -12:30pm.

After successfully delivering Motivate we now are pleased to bring to you all women INSPIRE.

INSPIRE is funded by the Lottery Community Fund and Haringey Giving.


Family Art workshop

NiArtFr3edom has partnered with Newlon Housing Trust to offer its residents free art classes for families. No experience needed. Contact us to find out more information.

Building lasting memories for families in Islington.


Mental Health Awareness – Arts & Wellbeing for women/Mothers

A safe space to explore. 11th May 2022


This Mental Health Awareness week NiArtFr3edom delivered Art sessions to support women and mothers. Art is a great way to express our emotions it helps us to manage and relieve stress and work towards developing a healthier self care routine.

Sessions funded by Mount Anvil and Newlon Housing Trust.


Arts & Crafts

Nailah leading Arts and Crafts at The Engine Room’s welcome back event. 2nd April 2022

Today we officially said welcome back at The Engine Room after Lockdown. We had a lovely time preparing for spring by decorating plant pots and planting some seed.

Activity was sponsored by Hale Village & The Engine Room.


Family Arts Day


Motivate Adult Arts & Wellbeing Classes

Arts 4 All 2021 sessions delivered by Nailah Daley-Allen to support adults after lockdown. So many were left feeling extremely vulnerable after isolation and having lost loved ones. NiArtFr3edom partnered with The Engine Room to offer a safe space for people to express and explore what they had been through. We used meditation and varied creative practices to express emotions.

Motivate was funded by the Lottery Community Fund, Linklaters and Haringey Giving.


Family Art Workshops @ The Florence Trust

Summer classes @ The Florence Trust (Smiles all round)


NiArtFr3edom partner with The Florence Trust to offer residents of Islington summer art workshops for families. As we are all slowly emerge from a global lockdown Nailah and her team worked hard to support families to feel safe again and reconnect with others.



A Proud Moment for Nailah

Nailah receiving award at Haringey Community Impact Awards 2018. 29 November 2018

Nailah was recently awarded Highly Commended in the category “improving the lives of children and young people in Haringey” at Haringey Community Impact Awards 2018.

For more information on workshops or booking a space Contact NIARTFR3EDOM on +44 7487 708 115 or or follow link to our contact page


NiArtFr3edom Ltd. Founded by Nailah Daley-Allen