Founded in 2008 NiArtFr3edom workshops are the brainchild of Nailah Daley-Allen. A creative idea that she had toyed with for several years she eventually decided to take the plunge and bring them to a reality.

The workshops initially started as a few after-school projects in North London then moved on to I.R.I.E , the City and then onto Hackney’s notable mental health charity M.I.N.D.

It was from her own personal experience along with working with the community projects and M.I.N.D that NiArtFr3edom was able to develop on its ideals, establish functional partnership’s and would grow to give people of the community the opportunity to explore and connect with themselves creatively. It is through this transition that NiArtFr3edom connected with its philosophy- Creative Healing. Nailah noted that creativity as a medium can be used as a universal language to help heal, communicate, showcase skills and express a vast sea of emotions that are often not addressed when dealing with our fragmented side of society. NiArtFr3edom aims to bridge that gap of communication and fill the void of how we can address and reach out to members of community who otherwise may not know to communicate effectively.

Workshops are tailored to individual one on one needs through to groups. Workshops vary from one day projects within schools to arts & crafts , festivals and weekly workshops.


About Nailah Daley-Allen


Born in East London in the early 1980s Artist Nailah was surrounded by family members who were very creative. This would be a key factor that would influence and be the foundation for Nailah’s love for the Arts.

Growing up in both North and East London Nailah felt equally at home in both boroughs and would later attend a secondary school in North London where she was further exposed to and encouraged to take up creative opportunities that would help her love and passion for Art to flourish. It was here that she would also take charge of directing an art project (a mural for Stamford Hill Train Station) in her teachers absence demonstrating her ability in art direction at a very young age.

Following a successful few years of art study at secondary school level. She went on to study Art & Design and also attended LCC University of Arts to study Interior Design for retail environments.
A highly intuitive and energy driven artist Nailah has acquired many relative skills and throughly enjoys sharing her works while stimulating emotions in her audience.

also available a full range of Artworks both originals and prints commissions are welcome.


Artwork By Nailah Daley-AllenE3CE8446-7ECD-4FCC-8C07-92BF1D73FEC5

Nailah Daley-Allen’s artwork is an abstract expression of her life experiences, which communicates both the pain and the pleasure of life. Nailah is known for her use of radiant colours and Large gestural strokes that create her highly emotive pieces.
She mainly works with Acrylic paint on canvas/wood and will sometimes add everyday materials ie. Newspaper, Sand and Hair to build texture and depth to a painting. Drawing inspiration from her family, music, dance, political, social and cultural issues.

Nailah offers her viewer the opportunity to travel alongside her, as she embarks on life’s journey. When a connection is made between you the viewer and her artwork it allows for you to reflect on your journey and bring forward a sense of self-empowerment, learning to love and embrace your truths and natural beauty.

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